Brows: The Bold & the Beautiful

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Who says a girl can’t rock bold brows and still look totally feminine? Not us! In fact, we’ve been noticing that some of the most famous (and gorgeous!) super models have claimed their way to fame with this unique characteristic. Sure, not everyone has bold brows… For instance, mine are rather petite looking, but hey! If you got it, flaunt it! Don’t fall victim to the “over plucking” phenomenon, accentuate those brows! We love the way they can make any face look instantly fearless and daring. As you can see from the picture above, a good brow can add massive dimension and structure to your face, which is a total perk when you don’t feel like caking on a face full of makeup. If you wish to further define your look, here are just a few tips that will instantly give your eye area a pop! And if you have thinner eye brows like me, don’t fret! These tips will work fabulous on you too.

1. Wax Every Once in a While- Although plucking is good on a weekly basis, sometimes it’s important to treat yourself to a nice wax. (It only hurts a little!) Doing this once every 2-3 months will leave your arc looking smooth and flawless.

2. Pluck Those Stragglers- OK, so just because you’re only waxing a couple times a year does not give you a reason to let those eye brows grow free (Unless that’s your look)! It’s time to invest in a good tweezer. I would recommend plucking about once a week, but please, don’t go too crazy! Only go for the hairs that seem out of place with your over all shape.

3. Fill ‘em in! Fill ‘em in- This is the most important step! Because not everyone has naturally thick brows, sometimes you have to do a little work to achieve them! But don’t worry, all you need is an eye shadow similar to your hair color and lightly fill in the sparse areas. (P.s. make sure it really is your color!)

4. Gel It Up- This one’s easy! Take a clear or brownish gel and lightly comb over your eye brows! This step will instantly pull your brow look together.

5. Get the Glow- To close out this process to beautiful and healthy brows, lightly sweep a bright skin colored eye shadow directly under your brows. The subtle glow will create a cleaner finish!

A special thank you to our model Jenna for her bold style and confident personality! Well maintained brows might create a little beauty, but confidence will keep it that way!

Stay Stylish,

Xoxo~ Cara &Tal

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