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So you want to wear a full face of makeup, right? Of course, you do. Throwing on a random primer without following it up with eye shadow is like go shopping for an event that you never planned on attending. The idea: the preparation is pointless. The problem: we can’t all afford to spend our money (or hours) at NYC’s finest department stores… or Gainesville’s for that matter. So how do you find all the products needed for a beautiful new look without spending the money you really don’t have or compromising great quality? Well, like always, we’re here to save the day and share with you some of the drugstores’ finest products that will have you looking anything but cheap!

1. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer- sunblock: Just because it’s no longer summer, doesn’t mean you can throw away the SPF. Although the sun is no longer shining so bright, our skin is still at risk for wrinkles, sun spots, and skin cancer. So cover up! This inexpensive sunscreen is light and airy, leaving you with no memory of putting it on in the first place. And a definite plus: your 10 year older self might just look 10 years younger!

2. Loreal Lumi foundation: Tal & I both own this ever so cherished product, and there’s a reason for that! The consistency? Magical. The color pay off? To die for. And let’s just say if your skin is feeling anything less than perfect, the problematic areas will be covered in no time!

3. Revlon Lip Butters: A good lip stick can be hard to find, but search no further beauts- we’ve got the perfect one (or 50). Revlon lip butters are moisturizing, pigmented, and ever so creamy. And our favorite part? It comes in an abundance of shades, meaning you never have to worry about running out of colors to try! My favorites include “Berry Smoothie,” “Wild Watermelon,” and “Raspberry Pie.” P.S. If you want to save a couple extra bucks, use this lip treasure on your cheeks as well! No matter the color, your cheeks will be glowing with a lovely flush, and your lips will match to perfection.

Click here to learn more about using lip balms as cheek stains! http://79e.0f0.myftpupload.com/test/blush-for-a-flush/

4. NYC Bronzing Face Powder: Next comes the brows… I mean cheeks… or both? That’s right, we’ve got our hands on a multi-use product, and it’s only 3 dollars! This bronzer is perfect for contouring or just adding a slight shimmer to your already glowing skin. But what makes this bronzer even more wonderful is that it can be used as an eyebrow powder as well. Just use your favorite brush and get to work on fillin’ in those brows!

5. Blotting sheets: If your anything like me, after a couple of hours, your face is basically an oil machine, so the best thing that I’ve found to solve this horrific beauty crisis is blotting sheets. Clean & Clear has them for $6 at any drugstore, but if you’re looking to make your wallet a little fuller (aren’t we all?), pick up a pack of Elf blotting sheets instead. They basically do the same thing, while saving you 4-5 bucks at the same time. That’s an extra Revlon lip butter you could be purchasing. 😉


Stay Stylish,

Xoxo~ Cara & Tal

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