Fall Fever: Solemate Search

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In a world where everyone is searching for their soulmate and most are failing miserably (as revealed through divorce stats), maybe it’s time we all take a step back from looking for our better half and look for our better shoe instead. Our solemate might not take us to dinner, buy us nice things, or whisper the “L” word in our ear, but they’ll complete every outfit to a T and give us killer calves. Close enough.

Below are five shoes that we hope will make your sole search a little easier this season. From the runway to the cross walk, these stunners will leave you heels over head in love.


1. Loafers- Whoever said business and pleasure don’t mix, clearly hasn’t tried on these babes before. Although they were once just a sad piece in your ex-boyfriend’s work wardrobe, they’ve now blossomed into an “every day-every girl” kind of shoe. They’re perfect for any outing where you’re trying to look chic, which should be always. Always look chic.



2. Over-the-knee heel boots: While these boots may be a little more difficult to pull off, they’re much, much more impressive when you do. An over-the-knee adds edge to any outfit and even allows you an extra day free of shaving. (Score!)

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3. Mary Janes: They’re a simple and understated way to add a little elegance and maturity into your closet. These pumps will complement anything from a simple wide-legged trouser to a sexy LBD (little black dress). They’re practical and yet oh-so poised.




4. Oxford heels: Some days, we all just wake up and wish we were British. And on those days, turn off the One Direction and 5sos, and throw on the oxford heel. They’ll combat the same English blues, while keeping your dignity in place.




5. Combat boots: Even though you probably already own a pair, there’s no harm in making a few more additions to your collection, except maybe to your bank account. Because these shoes have been popular since the ’90s, they’re extremely easy to find. A basic combat can be seen in most department stores and is usually accompanied by similar ones in the fam (which is great for the girl who just can’t limit herself to one. ;))




Stay Stylish,

XOXO~ Cara & Tal

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