Golden Globes

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Although we did not think this year’s Golden Globes red carpet was worthy of all the hype it recieved, there are some celebs that just seem to never disappoint with what they wear at glam award shows. Everyone surely tries to land on the “Best Dressed” list, but very few succeed. It often seems that celebs get so caught up in being daring that they forget that sometimes classic choices are bold all on their own.

So let’s start off with Lupita Nyong’o, starring in the movie “12 years a slave.” Although she was robbed of the “Best Supporting Actress” award, we have no doubt that she has won our own personal award for best dressed. Draped in a gorgeous firey cape-gown, it is no wonder all eyes were on her as she walked down the red carpet. We do not believe that simplicity is always the best choice because it can often times be too boring. This is why you must provide balance. In order to prevent simplicity from looking dull, it is important to reciprocate it with a bold shock that will attract attention. Lupita is a flawless example of how to be elegant and trendy simultaneously.

Next on our list… Olivia Wilde. Would it even be possible to write a post on fashionistas without including her in it? This Gucci gal was seen in a sparkling emerald green dress, letting her baby bump be the center of attention. We absolutely love that she wasn’t afraid to wear a dress that many pregnant women would feel self conscious in. And as you can see from the picture, Olivia was anything but self conscious!

Margot Robbie was another one of our favorite “Gucci gals.” And although we are sure she would look good in pretty much anything, this dress is certainly no exception! The soft cream color went perfectly with her bright blonde hair and glowing skin. The slit down the side was revealing enough to be eye catching, but still left “a little for the imagination.” We too believe that this mind set is essential when putting together any outfit. You should always be risky without being over bearing.

Last but certainly not least, Amy Adams was dressed in a stunning Valentino gown. It seems as though she showed up to the awards in her American Hustle character, already knowing that she would win “Best Lead Actress.”

All of these gorgeous celebs proved that they were no amateurs as they showed up in the finest brands and exquisite dresses. But above all else (including having the most amazing dress), confidence is the key to every outfit. We are aware that everyone has different styles and what we love to wear might not be your “cup of tea,” but we are also sure that even if your style is full of “unsual” choices, when you gleam confidence, sometimes other people can’t help but just admire your fashion choices too.


Stay Stylish,

Xoxo~Cara & Tal




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