Holiday in a Hurry: NYE

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Oh no! It’s 2015 already!? Where did the year go? And more importantly, where did the time to pick a decent outfit go? Well, you’ve got approximately 30 hours until it’s time to ring in the new year (or, depending when you’re reading this, maybe even less). Luckily, we’ve already pre-picked some outfits for you, so you don’t have to do the hard work. Just look over our NYE guide to get inspired, and you’ll have a dazzling new look in no time.

1. If New Years had to be summed up in one word (New + year excluded), I think ‘sparkle’ would be the term that efficiently describes the night. Whether they’re thrown in the air at midnight, plastered on your festive hat, or decked out all over your LBD (little black dress), it’s safe to say that NYE just wouldn’t be the same without all the glitz and glam. So an outfit that has a little sparkle (or a lot of sparkle) can never be anything but right on the last night of the year. And hey, if wearing sparkles is wrong, we don’t want to be right.



2. If glitter, sparkles, and sequins have never really been your thing, keep your look simple, yet bold with the sleekest of all colors. OK, tecniquely black isn’t a color, but in our world, black is the new pink, so it kinda is one (kinda). Black is sexy, sophisticated, and slimming, so it really is the perfect option for any body type. And hey, after a whole season of binging on cookies, candies, and your grandma’s homemade pie, a slightly slimming dress can be just what you need to feel (and look) your best.




3. Although it’s always fun to get dressed up for a special night out, sometimes, a casual night in with your closest friends is the best way to welcome a year of good health and happiness. So, if you’re planning on cheering in 2015 at home, don’t worry; you can still look just as chic as every glittered gal out there. Just add a dose of denim, a fun clutch, and your favorite jewels to tackle the night of all nights.

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We hope you have a cheerful and safe New Years with your family + friends, just make sure you…

Stay Stylsih

Xoxo~ Cara & Tal

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