How To: Minimalistic Attire

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Some girls love their accessories. They throw on five bracelets, ten necklaces, a stack of rings and still aren’t ready to call it a day. They sometimes do it strategically, but more often do it blindly, which is why we’re just a little concerned. But hey, If you’re reading this and thinking “I like my pounds of jewelry- they keep my heart rate going and body toned- then more power to you. Keep it up! But if you’re tired of having an ongoing fight issue with your outfit, your jewelry and the offensive stares that people give you on the street, maybe you should consider a different approach: the art of minimalsm.

While it may seem a little intimidating, we promise, it’s really not. It requires little skill and little effort, which is why we love it oh so dearly. Just take note of a few basic rules (that’s right- pull out your notepad), and you’ll be set.

1. Bring it back to the basics- Pull out your favorite (semi-plain) top and your favorite (semi-plain) bottoms. It’s kinda that simple, as long as they actually go well together. A classic boyfriend jean with a slightly unbuttoned crisp, white top is perfect. It’s sleek and under-done, which is exactly what we’re trying to accomplish.


2. Hit pause on prints- We’re not saying that you can’t wear them; just try not to go over board. If you’re dying to wear a new patterned blouse, stick to a solid color on the bottom. Anything neutral will probably work best- AKA: Wear black, white and gray, and lots of it.



3. Get sporty (or don’t)- Depending on the occasion and your own personal style, pick out your idea of a classic pair of shoes. This is definitely not the time to try out your spikey 8 inch heels that you got from the thrift store (been there, done that). Stick to something clean and pulled together like a white sneak or black pump.


4. Take it easy on the jewels- I know I said ditch the mounds of jewelry, but that doesn’t mean you have to give it all up cold-turkey. Pick out your favorite delicate pieces (all of the same tone), but try to emphasize only one area of your body. If you want to draw attention to your neck/ chest area, wear a few necklaces (of different lengths). It’ll look great with any top that has a lower cut (like the button down we mentioned above). If you’d prefer to show off your freshly polished manicure, an unembellished watch and a few rings will do the trick.





Stay Stylish,

Xoxo~ Cara & Tal

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