Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

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After viewing seemingly hundreds of MK & Ash pictures, these few were definitely among our favorites, so we thought it would be fun to recreate the looks, adding our own unique style. As we “studied” these fashion icons, we took note of a few things that the bold beauties love to sport. Although many bohemian attempts can often look too carefree with not enough “oomph,” MK & Ash know how to maintain the perfect balance. If they wear one baggy piece, they often reciprocate it with a tighter one. When one wears a neutral lip, the other will usaully go a tad darker. If they are each all “jazzed out” in dark colors, they will limit their accessories. Whereas, if they choose lighter colors, (greys, beiges, and creams) they love to pile it on! They’re style screams easy-going and nonchalant, but still proves to be polished to perfection.

Although these looks are not spot on, we thought it would be fun to recreate MK & Ash’s style with our own little twist! We incorporated wavy hair, hipster-chic sunnies and of course the “color” that they love so dearly- black. In the list below you can find all the pieces in this shoot so you can include a little MK & Ash into your style as well!

Cara (right):  

Jumpsuit- Pacsun ($20)

Scarf- Canal Street, NYC ($5)

Oxfords- Urban Outfitters ($20)

Cuff- Forever 21 ($8.80)

Sunglasses- Canal Street, NYC ($5)


Tal (left):

Top- Forever 21 ($9)

Skirt- Pacsun- Brandy Melville collection ($20)

Leggings- Forever 21 ($5)

Necklaces- Forever 21 ($7)

Boots- H&M ($30)

Sunglasses- Aldo ($10)


Stay Stylish,

Xoxo~ Cara &Tal

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