Food Frenzy: Nuts for Peanuts

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Peanut butter: a protein-packed super food and a delightful, delicious treat all in one. It provides a little bit of sweet and little bit of salty, which will drive your taste buds wild! And the best part, regardless of what you’re craving for the day, you are sure to find a “healthy” solution with a nice dose of PB. Here are a few of our favorite simple-to-make recipes that will have you going completely bananas for peanut butter.

1. Twice-Baked Banana- Similar to the twice-baked potato, this banana treat will be stuffed with all of your favorites, including our “star” for the day- peanut butter. Simply take a banana and cut it down the middle to create two long pieces. Next, fill the insides with a generous helping of all natural peanut butter. Now, the fun part, fill the banana with anything (and everything) else your little heart feels will make this pb + banana goodness even more irresistible. I like to add shredded coconut and a few dark chocolate chips for an extra bit of sweetness. Warm it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds for a sinfully savory treat… Trust us, it’s to die for!

2. New + Improved PB & J- Ah, PB&Js, a classic to say the least. Sometimes, regardless of where you are, or how old you get, you just need a nice ole’ peanut butter and jelly sandwich to save the day and bring you back to the simple days of elementary school. Personally, I didn’t outgrow this lunch staple ’till my senior year of high school, and even that is debatable. For a healthier twist on the classic PB & J, you’ll need lightly salted rice cakes, all natural peanut butter (I prefer chunky for this recipe), and different berries of your choice. Spread the peanut butter evenly, all over the rice cake. Next, add lots of berries to act as your jam. I personally like to use raspberries and blackberries because I think they taste the most similar to jelly, but you can use anything you desire! Last, take a bite into your wonderful open-faced PB & J sandwich and eat your heart out. Warning: Sometimes one just isn’t enough!

3. Pieces of Reese’s- We hear it near and far. “Chocolate is not healthy!” Well, it surely isn’t brussel sprouts, but we think that ‘a little dark chocolate a day keeps the heart ache away.’ So, instead of indulging in the highly processed Reese’s peanut butter cup, go for a simple alternative. Pick up a pack of dark chocolate squares at your local super market (I love the Dove Chocolate version). Next slather on a bit of peanut butter onto the top for your very own home-made Reese’s. It’s so simple and tastes better than anything you can buy out of the vending machine. Just make sure you keep count of how many you’ve ate… I once inhaled 9 of these mock Reese’s while I was studying for an exam… Tip: Don’t eat while you’re studying. Your scale (and pantry) will thank you in the morning.


Stay Stylish,

Xoxo, Cara & Tal

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