Simple for Spring: Makeup-less Makeup

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Morning beauts! Long time no talk, well except for my recent rant on the ugly truth about beauty, which you can check out here:

But it’s time to put the beauty back in CTbeauty. Spring has arrived, which means we can finally part ways with the dark days of winter and welcome a fresh new season! In our new series “Simple for Spring,” we’ll be discussing of all of our favorites for the spring time ranging from recipes to trends to the ultimate beauty buys. And trust me, we’ve got some good ones up our sleeves, so you’ll want to stay tuned!


But before we kick it all off, I would like to address a makeup trend that has overwhelmingly swept the nation. It’s a little something I like to call the Kardashian Kraze. It consists of pounds of foundation, an intense contour and dramatic eye makeup. Now, this makeup look may work if you’re a Kardashian, but un/fortunately most of us aren’t, so I’m not so sure that the same rules apply for the rest of us normal gals. Although the Kardash klan makes it seem easy and effortless to wear such extreme makeup on a daily basis, I don’t think that it should become a regular look we all aspire to have. Don’t get me wrong, I give those girls serious props. It’s quite difficult to throw on tons of makeup and still look like a human being after, and they even manage to get it right sometimes. But don’t you ever wonder what’s hidden under all of the makeup? Would we be able to recognize them without it? Would life ever be the same if we knew what they really looked like? In honor of all of these thought provoking and practically life-changing questions, I thought it might be fun to take a more natural route this spring. That’s right folks, you actually can work a beautified new look without caking on a new face. So, it’s time to welcome the Anti-Kardashian Kraze: AKA Makeup-less Makeup. And here is exactly how to do it:


Ditch the foundation

When it’s hot outside, a face of foundation can take a turn for the worse quite quickly. If you’re not looking for a melted, oxidized complexion this season, say sayonara to heavy foundations and welcome a light and airy BB (or CC) cream. This color correcting product will add minimal coverage to conceal bumps or blemishes, but will still make your skin look like actual skin. Amazing, isn’t it?


Conceal the deal

Unfortunately, BB creams don’t always do the trick. Although their light and lovely, they sometimes just can’t cover up our toughest marks. So, in comes the wonderfully handy concealer, which will work wonders with every pimple, under eye circle or dark spot!


Swap mascaras

As the weather heats up, and you begin to “glisten,” swap your old mascara for a waterproof version. This trusty little thing is perfect for a day in the sun, a day in the water or even a regular day indoors. And if you didn’t already know, waterproof mascara actually keeps your lashes curled much longer than regular mascara does. BOOM.


Balm it up

In honor of downsizing our makeup bags for the next few months, we decided to incorporate a product that would serve multiple purposes. The perfect tinted lip balm will not only do wonders for your lips (adding color and hydration), but will also add a fresh new glow to your cheeks for a rosy flush.



We hope these tips will help you in tackling a refreshing and light look for the spring time! And if you’re still a strong supporter of the Kraze, work it. Beauty comes in all kinds of Krazy.


Stay Stylish,

Xoxo~ Cara & Tal

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One Response

  1. EibiVa shared around the web. Disgrace on Google for no longer positioning this publish higher!

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