The Boys are Back

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I tend to find that when a girl uses the word “fashion,” the male species parts into two different categories. There are the ones who love it, would “die” for it, and perhaps even marry it if they could. These are the “modelesque” men walking down the street to your local coffee shop in suede boots, a designer belt, and a scarf that makes you question what gender it was actually intended for. And then you have the boys who run in the opposite direction when confronted with the “dangerous” word- these are the boys in the pictures- the ones who could ultimately care less about fashion, but luckily, still seem to nail it anyways.

For most guys, man purses, metro sweaters, and skinny jeans are out of the question, and I can’t necessarily say I blame them. But most men would agree that being well dressed is still important, even if it doesn’t consume your life. So if you’re a guy, listen up: You don’t have to tryout the latest styles on the runway, dye your hair ’till it falls out, or obsess over little details. Infact, out of the two of us, you’ve got this fashion “thing” quite easy, and these studs are here to make it even easier. In our last “Boys” post

we gave you all some tips on how to obtain a wardrobe with “steeze.” This time, we have decided to create a wardrobe for you based off of Nathan, Brian, Joseph and Eduardo’s favorite picks.

For the Preppy Boy like Eduardo:

If you find yourself at more frat parties than days of the week, you already know why you’re in this category. A lifestyle of “getting with” girls and “hanging with the bros” calls for great style 24/7. Go for the ¾ length sleeve button down or V-neck T paired with pastel shorts and sperries. If you’re going out, Let me change that. When you’re going out, you’ll probably look the same since going out occurs during all times of the day for you.

Eduardo’s favorite picks- V neck & pastel shorts (as shown in photos).

For the Surfers like Brian & Joseph:

With long days at the beach and even longer skateboard rides, casual wear will soon become your best friend. For the day time, a muscle tank, “Chubby” swimsuit, and “sick” shades is probably your best bet.

At night time, keep your look effortless and relaxed with a nice Hawaiin shirt, knee length shorts, and a solid colored belt to seal the deal. If the weather is a little cold, go for a pair of jeans with a slight cuff. It can never hurt to reveal a little mid ankle action.

Brian & Joseph’s favorite picks: Black V neck, a pair of dark wash jeans, and boat shoes (as shown in photos).

For the Athlete like Nathan:

The athletes are always the complicated ones because they never have a distinct style. But all four of these guys are athletes, so I figured I would just combine what they like to wear. If you enjoy working out and being active, I’m just going to assume you enjoy showing off your “bod” as well. A muscle T or form fitted T-shirt should do you justice, unless you skipped arm day- that’s on you. Throw on some sneakers and a bandana, and you’ve got the macho thing accomplished.

Nathan’s Favorite picks: Basic T & aviators

When it comes to style, some guys try too hard, while others don’t try at all. But if you follow our tips and add your own personal style, you might just be livin’ it up with the rest of these beauties.


Special thanks to our photographers Lisa Drapluk & Francisco Zangerolame.

Stay Stylish,

Xoxo~ Cara & Tal

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