The Do’s of Denim: Your Best Fit

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Hello beauts!
Now that the weather has gotten a bit chillier, basically everyone will be wearing pants for the months to come, so we thought a denim guide was necessary! Here are some suggestions of different cuts that we think would look best on each body type, but by all means, if you’re in the mood to rock something else for the day, definitely satisfy your own fashion cravings!

1. The Hourglass- Ah, how we all wish we were you! Bombshells like Kim K + Scarlet Johansson have surely given your body type lots of hype with your full hips, small waist, and bustier chest. When you’re on your next big shopping spree (black Friday), make sure to put a pair of wide legged trousers on the list. A skinny jean is always fun because it will definitely show off your voluptuous curves, but a wide legged trouser will provide balance to your body and accentuate your tiny waist, all while making you appear taller!

2. Curvy- Don’t be afraid to highlight your gorgeous curves, just make sure you don’t emphasize everything at once. A pair of straight legged jeans would look great on you because they are form fitting to your bum, but looser in some of the areas that you wish to camoflouge. This cut is rather narrow, but will not cling to your whole body, leaving a little for the imagination 😉

3. Tall- Speaking as a girl who is 5’2, please don’t take your long legs and lengthy physique for granted! You have the blessing of looking great in a variety of cuts. Straight legged jeans + skinny jeans work wonders on a tall girl like you, but go for the not-so-obvious choice: flare jeans! They might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the retro/70’s lovin’ look will add some spunk to any outfit, and will make your hips appear bigger, giving you a more defined, curvy shape.

4. Petite- Being short is not always a negative. Sometimes it pays off to know that you can wear 6 inch heels on a regular occasion, and not be “overly” tall (If there was such a thing). Anyways,  it’s important to really show off your slim frame with cropped skinnies. The tight cut will “hug” your skinny legs and the crop will elongate your body, making you appearing taller than you really are. I know, it’s a short girl’s fantasy in pant form!

5. Athletic- If you hit the gym, or field, or court on a regular basis, don’t be ashamed! Working out and staying fit on a regular basis is definitely something to be proud of. The perfect cut for an athletic body type is the “boyfriend” style because it is relaxed and effortlessly chic. They will “hug” your small waist, and also provide a carefree vibe, especially if you spice it up with some rips and tears!


Stay Stylish,

Xoxo~ Cara & Tal

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