The Over Hyped & Over Rated

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Hey beauts! Drop those fashion mags that are preaching what’s “in” for the spring because it’s time to strut a little outside of your comfort zone. We are all tired of the “timeless trends” that seem to be repeated season after season, so this year we are giving you a few of our favorite replacements! Here are some suggestions on what we think can separate you from the fashion pack, while making you look as effortless and original as ever! And remember, if everyone follows the trends, then who will set them?


Maxis are SO in for the spring/ summer time, right? Exactly. This is why we are choosing to opt out this “essential” for the warm seasons to come. As of lately, maxis have become all the hype. Sure, some pieces are all too stunning to deny, but why go for the obvious choice? Everyone sees maxis near and far… So why not give people a chance to talk about something fresh… spotted on you! We are total maxi admirers, so it’s not like we’ll be going on strike just yet, but we are also strong believers that fashion is only clothing; style is how you choose to wear that clothing. So be bold! Here’s a crazy thought… go for the just as chic (and totally less talked about) jump suit! Throw in a classic pump and a fiesty clutch and you are good to go!


To be honest, florals are a “been there, done that.” Yes, it illustrates spring in its “purest” form, but don’t you ever get tired of looking at “flowered this” and “flowered that,” shopping trip after shopping trip? This trend is so popular that it has become too common- and there is nothing truly unique about it anymore. So how can we switch things up a little bit? Well, Tal and I are certain that palm trees are the way to go! Forget about all the dull pastels and picture a florescent, eye catching print that will separate you from the “flower power.”

High Waisted Shorts

It’s about time this 70s mocked trend goes out of style- so we are advocating for a subtle push out of the mega mags. These shorts have been around all too long, and quite frankly, just aren’t doing the fashion world any justice. We are not saying that you can’t make a high waisted short look cute, of course you can. But hey! You can make a paper bag look “cute” if you pair it with the right accessories. So here is your final (and possibly best) tip we’ve got. Go for the over-alls. The what? Yes! The overalls. And no, you don’t have to spend a day on a farm to find this piece accessible. Overalls are becoming the fashion buzz, but very few know how to properly style them. If you’re feeling casual, go for a light wash denim over all with a crop top underneath. Add a little personality by choosing a top that suits you- sunflowers and polka dots are our perfect prints this season! And if you want to get a little fancy, go for the classy, yet sweet black over-all dress. It’s like a LBD (little black dress)-but more chic and totally less expected! Pair it with a simple blouse and nude pump for an extra spice of elegance.                                                                                                                                         To learn more about how to style over-alls, click here:


Stay Stylish,

Xoxo~ Cara & Tal

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