The Perfect At Home Mani

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Let’s be honest, having nice nails is not a necessity, but it surely can never hurt a person’s over all appearance. A perfect manicure can leave you looking and feeling just a little more pulled together. And because we can’t all be living the life of a typical celeb- shopping and lunching on a daily basis or getting fresh manis whenever “needed,” we decided an at home manicure was a must for keeping your life looking fresh and just a little less flawed. So this one goes out to all the financial friendly girls (like ourselves) who would rather keep the extra 30 bucks in their pocket, but still look just as polished. 😉

  1. Scrub a Rub-Rub!

Start your flawless at home mani with the perfect hand scrub! Lightly wet your hands and then apply a pea size amount of your favorite hand scrub. Check out Bath & Bodywork’s True Blue Spa brand for a wonderful way to clear the toxins out of the “germiest” place on your body! Your hands will be left looking fresh and completely softened!

  1. Beam with a Cream!

After giving your hands a good scrub, you want to guarantee that they will stay smooth with a luxurious hand cream. Again… you can’t go wrong with True Blue Spa’s Shea Cashmere hand cream. Oh, what a delightful scent to have linger on your body all day!

  1. Is It Nail Time Yet?

We are almost at the best part! But before you apply your new favorite polish, give your nails a nice trim and file! This will fix any crooked or dull looking nail!

  1. Paint & Polish!

Sometimes the hardest part of this whole process can be picking out the color that you want to dedicate your whole week to. I know it sounds rather miniscule when you actually think about the important things in life, but hey! A good color can set the mood for your week to come! So, since the chilly days of winter will soon be coming to an end, and a warm pastel spring is on it’s way… go for a color that is bright and sunny- even if the weather isn’t just yet.

Our favorite nail colors (under $4!) for the spring time-

Our favorite nail colors (under $4!) for the spring time-

  1. Revlon’s Craving Coral (#902)
  2. Revlon’s Berry Delicious (#770)
  3. Revlon Colorstay’s Rich Raspberry (#250)
  4. Revlon’s Minted (#85)
  5. Revlon’s Raspberry Rapture (#350)


Stay Stylish,

Xoxo~ Cara & Tal


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