Top Ten: Beauty Products of 2014

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Whether it was a good year for you or not, it’s safe to say that the door for 2014 has officially closed- No more coulda, woulda, shouldas. It’s time to move on to the big and bad year of 2015. But one thing that will be pretty hard to top for the upcoming year is the amazing products we’ve discovered in ’14 because trust me, some of these beauts are total game changers. Even though the ball has already dropped (about two and half weeks ago, incase you missed it) our holy grail products will still linger in our beauty regimes for years to come. Here are our top products of 2014 that will have you taking over the New Year in style.


For the Lips

1. Mentha Lip Buffer- Oh my goodness. This gentle but effective lip scrub can drive away any chapped lip, revealing a beautiful smooth new surface. And a definite bonus? Your lips will be bold and plump all day long! Sorry Kylie, I guess you’re not the only one who can rock a big lip.


2. C.O. Bigelow’s Lemon Lip Balm- If we’ve only taught you one thing during all of this mumbo-jumbo we like to call blogging, it better be that you should never let your lips go bare, especially during the winter months. A little lip balm can go a long way when you’ve got a lovely lemon hydrator doing all of the nitty-gritty work for you. With this little power stick, your lips will be renewed in no time!


3. Tarte Lipsurgence in “Energy”- OK, so we really tried to keep all of these products under $10, for the most part, but this was one product we just couldn’t leave out. The formula, color, and consistency are just magic, and there’s really no better way to describe it than that. With a variety of colors to choose from, I’m sure you’ll stumble upon lots of shades that are beautiful, but this one in particular gives a natural and healthy tint to the lips that really does last all day. Trust me, your favorite lip product has got nothin’ on this one!



For the Face

4. Porefessional by Benefit- Pores be gone? No problem. This incredible primer does more than just prime your skin for foundation. It diminishes any appearance of pores, which is definitely something that Tal and I could use the help on. As acne battlers ourselves, we’ve noticed the (seemingly) thousands of tiny, tiny enemies that prevent our makeup from looking fresh and flawless all day. But with this beauty savior, you can say goodbye to indents and unwanted discoloration; it’s an even playing field from here on out. (Literally!)


5. Tarte Blush in Thankful- Again… those darn Tarte products really have won our hearts over for the year of 2014. In fact, after trying several different products from the brand, it would have been quite easy to make a list of our favorite beauty buys just with Tarte on its own. But for the sake of adding a little originality, we thought we shouldn’t obsess over Tarte too much (because trust me, we probably wouldn’t stop anytime soon.) Anyways, this powder blush has a light strawberry pink tone (wait, strawberries aren’t pink…) and will last all day, rain or shine. What could be better than that?



For the Eyes:

6. Revlon Cream Shadows- Ah, back to the drugstore products again. These Revlon shadows come with four different creamy colors per palette and are perfect to throw in your purse when rushing out the door or makeup bag when you find yourself on a long needed vacation. The shadows are pigmented and have a great finish, just don’t forget to add a little powdered shadow to seal the deal.


7. Tarte “Gifted” Mascara- At this point, I might as well jus be a Tarte spokesperson (which I’m definitely not, by the way) because this is yet again a product we’ve been raving about. This mascara lengthens your lashes, adds tons of volume, and doesn’t clump, providing a natural or bold look for all eyes!





For the Skin

8. The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask- Now this category was pretty difficult for me to narrow down my favorite products because we all know I absolutely love my skin care products (and if you didn’t, you do now.) After trying out more masks than I can remember, mainly from Ulta (I might add), this hydrating and soothing mask is definitely my favorite. It nourishes the skin, while fighting acne with its main ingredient- tea tree, all while providing a lovely glow to your complexion



9. Love Spell Perfume- If you’ve been blessed with the talent of being able to describe scents well, don’t take it for granted. It’s just one of those things where most people find themselves describing their favorite luxury spray as “Nice” or “really good.” And unfortunately, I won’t be any different. All I can say is that this lovely sent is “nice,” “really good,” and “pretty cheap,” so… BAM.


10. Tree Hut Body Scrub in Tropical Mango- Although all of these are our “holy grail products,” this is the one that I know will never be replaced. The sweet sent, amazing formula, and powerful ingredients make it the best scrub of all time. And if you think my mild obsession is just all for show, you should really try and find all of the people I’ve got hooked on this stuff. Every casual trip I take to Ulta turns into a new advertising pitch to get everyone under the sun to buy this stunner.



Wishing you a year filled with bold beauty days.


Stay Stylish,

Xoxo~ Cara & Tal

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