Top Ten: Holiday Gifts for Your Bestie

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It’s that time of year again: The weather is colder, our homes are warmer, and holiday spirit fills the air. But along with December’s fun comes massive amounts of anxiety and madness as we all attempt to pick out the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Well, you can now check your bestie off your list of worry because we’re sharing with you our 10 favorite gifts that will have any gal gushing. Here it is: Your go-to holiday gift guide for your leading lady, partner in crime and trusty gal pal.

1. For the coffee lover: Coffee or tea cup set; This one is for the friend who would rather drink a caffeinated beverage over anything else, at any time of the day. You know the girl. This gift will have your bestie drinking her beloved addiction in style… and what could be better than that?


2. For the writer: Journal + pen; If you’re bestie is an avid writer, a delicate leather journal and writing utensil is the perfect gift. It’s original, practical, and thoughtful- three things all gifts should be!


3. For the beauty guru: Makeup brush set; Makeup can be tricky. It’s not always easy picking the perfect shade or tone for yourself, yet alone someone else. This is why you can never go wrong with a brush set. It will provide your gal with tools she needs in order to obtain a flawless look.


4. For the working girl: Briefcase; A girl who’s constantly at the office deserves to bring a little style to her workplace. This briefcase is classy and well made, so we can guarantee that her overloaded paperwork won’t pop the buttons!


5. For the health hunter: Juicer; Everyone wants to be “healthy,” but this girl takes it to the next level. If your bestie is always trying out the latest health trends and searching for the miracle foods that will keep her body strong, then she’ll love receiving a juicer this holiday season! In just a few minutes, she’ll be able to turn any fruit or vegetable into juicy goodness.



6. For the pamperer: Robe + candle; A nice spa day in? You don’t have to ask us twice. Almost every girl would love to be gifted a luxurious silk robe and candle to kick off her night of relaxation. Throw in a few chocolate kisses, and she’s got a real treat!


7. For the trendsetter: Knee high boots; Keeping up with trends can become exhausting, especially when some of our favorites have been in one day and out the next. This is why we encourage you to gift a fashionable pair of knee high boots. They are classy enough to never go out of style, but trendy enough to always attract attention.


8. For the Active girl: Athletic outfit; Your sporty pal will love anything that feeds her fitness obsession, so be sure to pick out a cute + comfy piece of active wear. Just remember- being fashionable is always possible, even when you’re working up a sweat.

9. For the music lover: Records; Whether she’s into rap, hip hop, rock, or heavy metal, chances are your musical bestie will love any gift with a captivating melody. If she has a record player, splurge and buy her a few records that you know she can constantly jam out to.


10. For the party girl: Clutch; A girl who’s the life of the party should always be two things- fashionable and fashionably late. And what better way to achieve this than gifting a sleek clutch for her to go out with? A clutch can dress up any outfit and will always have her looking the part.


Happy Holidays!

Stay Stylish,

Xoxo~ Cara & Tal

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