Winter Essentials

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Well, we can’t exactly say we’ve been battling the great Antartics this winter, considering the fact that we’re two Florida girls who typically spend most of our “brutal winters” sunbathing. But every now and then when the forecast reveals a slightly chilled 60 degree weather, we do not hesitate to pull out our highly adored winter essentials! Although the weather might only last for a few days for us, we like to sympathize with the rest of the world on how they must feel during these frosty months. So here are our must-haves that will pull you through the dark days of winter and into a warm florescent spring! Enjoy!

1. A Buffer and a Balm-

What is winter without chapped lips? Merely a dream! This is why we couldn’t imagine getting through the chilly weather without our favorite Mentha lip line found at Bath and Body Works! The tough yet soothing buffer will drive out impurities and brush away dead skin, leaving your lips feeling smooth and totally kissable. But don’t forget to balm it up once your done! Glide on a luxurious lip rejuvenator and your lips will surely thank you. Oh, and did we mention it’s minty too? How festive! We promise this delightful lip formula puts all other lip products to shame!

2. A Little Lotion Never Hurt Anybody-

It’s easy for your skin to feel dry and uncomfortable during the colder months, especially when your spending all winter trying to embrace the chilled wind against your skin. (Well us Floridians wouldn’t know the feeling, but a girl can dream, can’t I?) So it seemed almost impossible for me to write a winter must-haves post without adding in the most essential product of the season! Heck, I could spend a whole post writing about it and I’m sure everyone can understand why. Lotion! Lotion! Lotion! Well.. Body butter to be exact. I’m not truly sure what it is that is so delightful… maybe it’s the creamy texture, or the decadent smells, but more likely it’s the warm sensation you feel as it blends into your skin. Where can you buy this sweet slice of heaven? Dont worry, Bath and Body Works and The Body Shop have got you covered. You’ll be so hooked, this winter essential will become a necessity all year round.

3. Oily Skin Isn’t All Too Bad-

We couldn’t agree more that an excessively oily face is quite the damper on a pretty day, but the oily skin that we’re talking about is a little different! As you might have read in our previous post

we surely love a good multi-use product, and we’ve got the perfect one to smother your whole body in! We’re absolutely loving coconut oil because it provides wonderful moisture to your skin, lips, nails and hair… not to mention, it’s totally edible! And who doesn’t want to smell like they just got back from a mystic tropical vacation? So go to your local grocery store/ drugstore and pick up a jar of cocount oil for the wopping price of $6.00, or you can do what we do and buy the spray- it’s a total luxury on the go!

4. Time to Shine-

Dry hair for the season is definitely not on our wish list, so a good hair oil is an absolute must! Our personal favorites happen to be the argan and macadamia oil found at different beauty stores including Sally’s and Ulta. Depending on the brand, they can be found to be a little pricey. We love a good bargain on most products, but sometimes, what you invest into your beauty routine is what you get out of it. Spending the extra $11.99 on a good hair treatment might make all the difference! Not only will your hair feel smoother, it will also look healthier and renewed! And who doesn’t want a fresh start… especially for the new year!


Stay Stylish,

Xoxo~ Cara & Tal

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